Solo Leveling Chap 74

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saagar padayatchi 03:47 - 06/06/2019
its totally awsome the way he approches to boss arrogantly, its so coooool.
Mag Law 09:36 - 06/06/2019
Cant wait for cha's reaction
chibi monilla 12:23 - 06/06/2019
awesome..... cant wait for the next chapter
Killerwes02 00:53 - 06/08/2019

@chibi monilla well will the next chapter come out because I just started readying yesterday an I'm still confussed about when the next one with come out is it every week or something?

RyuzakiH 19:38 - 06/10/2019

@Killerwes02 every wednesday, it takes few hours to be translated so you can read it by thursday

iouS ZR 16:55 - 06/06/2019
One more, please!!!!
Dry Saliva 00:48 - 06/07/2019
president of the hunter association will die
rulers and sovereign
jinwoo will become the shadow sovereign
jinwoo will kick thomas andre ass
he will kill the demon king baran (sovereign of the whitrflame)
he will visit the dual dungeon and meet the architect of the system
LegendaryMoonlightAFK 05:51 - 06/07/2019

@Dry Saliva
I really want to talk dirty about you for spoiling this masterpiece to those poor webtoon readers who didn't want to read the LN (which I did cause it's just way too fucking good, just like what Jin Woo felt back in Japan under the stars if you know what I mean).
But I don't feel worthy arguing with that op mc of Saliva Leveling (nervous saliva, even though it's a real cool character, is just a side one to me), so I'll just stop there.

Sean Ellis 08:01 - 06/07/2019

@Dry Saliva 

dont forget about how he kills every sovereign at the end and proceeds to ask the brightest light if he can go back in time and save everyones life by killing every sovereign in the past before they even come to earth all by himself