Solo Leveling Chap 75

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saagar padayatchi 02:13 - 06/13/2019
sooooo gooooood emoemoemo
Zero eight Crowbarfish 03:08 - 06/13/2019

emo@saagar padayatchi 

Night Owl 03:38 - 06/13/2019
emoemo   Hard to wait for next Chapter
Joe Chu 04:04 - 06/13/2019
I love this manga 
Cjora Mistwalker 09:12 - 06/13/2019
damn! so good! i need time machine or time controlling power! emo
J Grey 10:30 - 06/13/2019
association Monitoring Division and Sung Ji-Woo didnt know whos the real father of him except the one S-Rank Hunter who transfer in US and fight his father and later on he's fucked up! hahahaha
Nicholas Santos 03:17 - 06/19/2019

@J Grey Please don't spoil, thats not cool.emo

Eldo Serena 11:26 - 06/13/2019
i wish there will be MMORPG that can make a character similar like MC in this manhwa... i mean assassins with necromancy in same time..geezes
saagar padayatchi 16:56 - 06/13/2019
Night Owl 18:15 - 06/25/2019